International Physics and Control Society (IPACS)

IPACS Officials


  • E. SCHÖLL (Dept. Physics, Technical University of Berlin, Germany)


  • J. KURTHS (Dept. Physics, University of Potsdam, Germany)
  • A. FRADKOV (Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, St.Petersburg, Russia)


  • G. CHEN (Center for Chaos and Complex Networks, City University of Hong Kong, China)


  • V. S. ANISCHENKO (Department of Radiophysics and Nonlinear Dynamics, Saratov State University)
  • F. T. ARECCHI (Phys. Dept.-University of Firenze and National Institute of Applied Optics, Italy)
  • I. I. BLEKHMAN (Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • F. L. CHERNOUSKO (Institute for Problems of Mechanics, RAS, Moscow, Russia)
  • G. CHEN (Center for Chaos and Complex Networks, City University of Hong Kong, China)
  • L. O. CHUA (Dept of Electrical Eng. and Computer Sci, University of California Berkeley, USA)
  • K. FURUTA (Center of Human Adaptive Mechatronics, Denki University, Japan)
  • C. GREBOGI (University of Aberdeen, UK)
  • H. HAKEN (Center for Synergetics, University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • M. HASLER (Swiss Federal Inst. Technology, Losanna, Switzerland)
  • H. KIMURA (Dept. of Math. Engineering and Information Physics, University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • E. OTT (University of Maryland at College Park, USA)
  • L. PECORA (Naval Research Lab, USA)
  • H. RABITZ (Dept. Chemistry, University of Princeton, USA)
  • S. SIENIUTYCZ (Faculty of Chemical Eng, Warsaw Univ. Technology, Poland)
  • A. N. SHARKOVSKY (Institute of Mathematics, Kiev, Ukraine)
  • H. G. SCHUSTER (University Kiel , Germany)
  • J. A. YORKE (University of Maryland, USA)


  • Yu. ASTROV (Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • M. A. AZIZ-ALAOUI ( University of Le Havre Normandy, France)
  • M. BERZ (Dept Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State University, USA)
  • S. BOCCALETTI (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome, Italy)
  • S. CELIKOVSKY (Inst. Information Theory & Automation, Czech Republic)
  • S. K. DANA (Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, India)
  • W. DITTO (University of Hawai'i, Manoa, USA)
  • R. FEMAT (IPICYT, México
  • T. FILIPPOVA (Inst. of Math.& Mech. of RAS and Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia)
  • M. FRASCA (University of Catania, Italy)
  • M. I. GARCÍA-PLANAS (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain)
  • J. M. GINOUX (Université du Sud, Franc)
  • R. GRIGORIEV (School of Physics, Georgia Tech, USA)
  • D. J. HILL (Dept. Information Eng, Australian National Univ.)
  • A. HRAMOV (Neuroscience and Cognitive Technology Lab, Innopolis University)
  • A. KOVALEVA (Inst. Space Research, Moscow, Russia)
  • CHUN BIAO LI (Nanjing University, China)
  • Wei LIN (Research Center for Nonlinear Sciences, Fudan Univ, China)
  • E. MACAU (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil)
  • R. MEUCCI (Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Florence, Italy)
  • I. MEZIC (Univ. California, Santa-Barbara, USA)
  • J. L. MOIOLA (Univ. del Sur, Argentina)
  • H. NIJMEIJER (Dynamics and Control, Univ. Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • M. OGORZALEK (Krakov Mining Univ., Poland)
  • R. ORTEGA (Lab. Signals and Systems, SUPELEC, France)
  • D. OVSYANNIKOV (St. Petersburg State University, Russia)
  • A. PISARCHIK (Center for Biomedical Technology of the Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
  • K. PYRAGAS (Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Lithuania)
  • L. VIOLA (Dept. Physics & Astronomy, Dartmouth College, USA)
  • A. ZAKHAROVA (TU Berlin, Germany)

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